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  2. a bird

    I woke up this morning to a loud chirping noise.  So I ignored it.  Then it came back.  I ignored it again.  And again I heard it.  There was a damn cardinal in my house.  Apparently leaving the back door open means that birds can fly in.  This is why everyone needs dog doors.

    Caught the bird and let it out.  Hope it doesn’t die.  I named her Beakey. 

    later there will be a backstory to Beakey

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  3.  beakey


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  4. 3 experiments coming to an end

    experiment is a really hard word to spell. and tumblr doesn’t use firefox’s spell check so that was a pain in the arse.

    this week is the end of many things.

    1) The semester ends on Thursday for me, so classes are almost done

    2) Sebastian goes home on Thursday. And I am both really sad, and REALLY happy about this. I don’t want a dog, or a 4 year old child, anytime in the near future. But I do like dogs

    3) My room mate is moving out on Saturday. I will have the house to myself until around June 1, when I move back into the apartment that I recently vacated. Hooray address changes, again.

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  5. no more texting for aidan

    i went over by 220 messages with my text messaging for this month.  unless you are on cingular, please call me instead of texting. 

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  6. my ipod

    A couple of months ago my iPod, yes the brand new one that I just got, went to crap on me.  I tried calling Apple, but after an hour of sitting there waiting, I got tired and hung up.  Well today I tried again, and as I was on the phone with INDIA my iPod magically showed up and let me revert it back to factory settings.  So now even though I lost roughly 15gb of music off my iPod, I have a working mp3 player again.

    Also I am getting music in the mail.  I am stoked.

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  7. A Fat guy’s knowledge

    Anyone who has met can pretty much agree that I am a fat guy.  Sometimes, really most of the time, it sucks.  But other times it affords me knowledge that others might not have.  Namely food related knowledge.  Because who can you trust if not a fat guy?

    Today I have decided to share some of that knowledge with the masses.

    There are some foods that have to be served with a spoon, peanut butter and ice cream come to mind.  After I dip the spoon into a food like that my natural reaction is to clean the spoon of excess deliciousness with my mouth.  Sometimes this ends very very very badly.  This is a list of some of those foods:

    • Salsa - pretty gross
    • butter - made me want to puke
    • garlic - I am not even sure why I thought it would be a good idea
    • mayonase - somehow I forget just how bad this is and keep trying to lick the knife clean, and then I puke.
    Thats all I got for now. 

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  8. my laziness….

    So I realized that I have been rather lazy recently.  Not only did I not give the promised topical rant, but I also did not produce a new Eastern Phi Artwork.  The reason for the first is my sheer laziness, and the second is boredom in class.  I honestly could not draw anything.  Class was that bad.

     I did however decide that I am going to not go to Spain, but instead go to Mexico.  Twice.  In one year.  The first will be for the MOTA Spring Break Mission trip and the second will be for the Fall of 2009 semester.  If all goes right then I might/ought to be able to graduate in the Spring of  2010.

     Also I spent a weekend hanging out with some Middle School girls.  Not my usual cup of tea, but it was amusing none the less.  I learned two very important things. First, I am no where NEAR ready for children, and secondly, I finally understand what my Dad meant when he used to say “Kids.  Can’t cook them.  Can’t eat them.  But there are recipes.”  He is a thoughtful old man my father.  If anyone has met my father then they have probably heard him say this.  Often.  And it should not suprise you at all that Dad likes to make cannablistic jokes about children.  Hell, I believed until the age of 12 that I had older siblings who my parents cooked and ate when they reached 13.  I had even made Mom and Dad agree to wait until I was 16 to do the same to me.  And on my 16th birthday, which I by then I had long figured out they were joking, they said “well Aidan, you are just too tough and gamey to eat now.  I guess we’ll keep you.”

    I think that the strangest part of all of that is that my brothers and I find that joke amusing.  WTF is wrong with us? 

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  9. thursday again

    it appears to be thursday again.  that means a new entry of eastern philosophy art.  later today that is.

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  10. Pick up lines from Ancient Greece

    After an interesting conversation involving love songs about Zeus, I came up with the idea of Ancient Greek Pick up Lines. Some are rather gross. Enjoy.

    - Girl you are banging like Hephaestus’ hammer.

    - Im going to be like Zeus and shower you in gold.

    - Hey Heracles, is that a lion head as your pants or are you just happy to see me?

    - I’m going to take you down to my underworld and let you eat seeds.

    - Eros’ arrow just hit my Achilles heal and I fell for you.

    - I would turn into a bull and have sex with you.

    - You are so hot you’d give Hades chills - submitted by Rachel.

    - Just like Prometheus stole fire from the Gods, you have stolen my heart and brought warmth to my world.

    - Are you sure I’m not dead?  Because I see the Elysian fields in your eyes.

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